Mico Legal, by Sergio Morettini
Mico Legal

Sergio Morettini was born in Argentina in 1961, but has lived in Brazil since 1984. He works in several artistic fields, including comics, animation, illustration, advertising and caricatures. Since 1989, he has done artwork for Editora Globo, contributing over a 1,000 pages to Chaves, but also to Fantasma, Tiny Toons and Beetle Bailey. He produced about 60 pages for Xuxa, and contributed to the television show Xou da Xuxa for Globo TV network as well as the film 'A Princessa Xuxa e os Trapalhões'.

O Amigo da onça by Sergio Morettini
O Amigo da Onça

In addition, he has drawn for Senninha, Zé Carioca (the only purely Brazilian character of Disney), Turma do Arrepio, Menino Maluquinho and several other characters. In the 1990s, he revived the classic Brazilian comic strip 'O Amigo da onça' ('My Phoney Friend') with José Alberto Lovetro in Sémanario. This feature was originally created by Péricles Maranhão in the 1940s and 1950s and stood out for its social satire. Morettini is the author of the comic book series about the monkey 'Mico Legal', which is published by Editoral Escala since 2001. In this series, he deals with current subjects like cloning, reality shows, terrorism, and trips to Mars, with good humor.

Os Enamurados!, by Sergio Morettini


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