Mickey Mouse by Primaggio Mantovi
Mickey - Nomes Do Velho Oeste! (Edição Extra 55, 1973)

Born in Italy, Primaggio Mantovi moved to Brazil at age nine. He began his career with the publishing house Rio Gráfica Editora. There, he worked on the retouching of foreign comics. Because of the lack of American material, he did the Brazilian production of Mort Walker's 'Beetle Bailey' series. From 1965 to 1968 he drew the western series 'Rocky Lane'. He also made numerous illustrations.

Sacarrolha by Primaggio MantoviSacarrolha by Primaggio Mantovi

From 1968 to 1971, he drew, wrote and colored numerous comcis, such as 'Zé, o Soldado Raso'. After doing some stories of 'Topo Gigio', he developed the clown 'Sacarrolha', who got his own magazine.

Goofy, by Primaggio Mantovi

He began working on Disney comics for Abril in 1973. At the same time, he continued working for Sacarrolha and he created the characters 'Cafuné e Acácio' for Crás magazine, as well as the newspaper strip 'O Veterinário'. When his contract with Rio Gráfica ended, he continued 'Sacarrolha' in Abril's Diversões Juvenis. In the 1980s, he exploited the 'Sacarrolha' character by starting a merchandise line. He also created comics with such characters as 'Luluzinha', 'Moranguinho', 'He-Man' and 'Alegria'. He also created a new character, 'Dr. Sarakura' for the trade journal Vida Médica.

Beetle Bailey by Primaggio Mantovi

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