Pobres Hadas, by Rosa Galceran

Born in Barcelona, Rosa Galceran Vilanova began her career in the advertising field, before turning to comics. Her first comics appeared in the magazine Mis Chicas in 1942, which were followed by contributions to Cuadernos Selectos in 1944. In 1946, Garceran created the fairytale magazine 'Azucena', which became extremely popular among female readers for about twenty years.

Pobres Hadas, by Rosa Galceran

She also cooperated on the magazine Chispa with the character 'Katy' in 1948. In addition, she contributed to publications like Cuentos de la Abuelita (1949), Alicia (1955), Graciela (1956), Rosas Blancas, Lindaflor (1958), Serenata, Susana (1959), and Azucena (1965).

El Viejo Molino, by Rosa Galceran Vilanova

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