Cat-a-day Tales by Herwolt van Doornen
Cat-A-Day Tales (2005)

Herwolt van Doornen started his drawing and design career in the suburbs of Amsterdam West. In 1976, he chose to explore the comics and fine arts scene, and submitted his first drawing to Inkt Magazine, that reviewed underground comics from the US and the Netherlands. After studying art history he worked at the publishing company Drukwerk (Tante Leny Presenteert) for a year. He then went to art school, from which he graduated as a graphic designer specialized in the language of symbols.

illustration for Vrij Nederland by Herwolt van Doornen
Vrij Nederland (8-10-2005)

Starting in 1978, he contributed to the Piet Schreuders magazines Furore and De Poezenkrant. From 1993 on he has made numerous illustrations for the New Yorker Magazine. In his home country Herwolt is best known for his drawings for Vrij Nederland, Het Parool and VPRO-gids. In 2005 he made the 365 drawings for the book 'The Cat-A-Day Tales'.

Lambiek will always be grateful to Herwolt for choosing the store's logo (as can be seen on the top left of this page) from 'Suske en Wiske' album 'Prinses Zagemeel' in 1982.

illustration by Herwolt van Doornen
The New Yorker (1993)
The Cat-A-Day Tales

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